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Atualizado: 25 de fev. de 2021

Are you interested in developing your writing, creativity, leadership, organization skills, and so on? Would you like to run a role at a startup which mission is to make international and quality education more accessible? So you can't miss this opportunity, and apply for the Prep Change Prep Intern program!

What is it?

We are Prep Change, a startup that offers a 7-month online academic mentoring program for students who wish to finish high school abroad. After 2 years of activity, promoting 3 mentoring cycles with more than 60 acceptances in programs abroad, we are announcing Prep Intern, the Prep Change internship program! This year, we have opportunities in areas such as social media and blog. In addition to developing skills in these fields, the Prep Interns will have several benefits within the Prep Change community, as described below.

What will Prep Interns receive?

The Prep Interns have the opportunity to grow as a person and as a professional, as they develop their skills in the areas they choose in an extremely welcoming and encouraging environment. In addition, those who participate in the program also receive:

  • Prep Change Community: At Prep Change, you will have the opportunity to build a strong network and take the people you know here for the rest of your life;

  • Experience: All Prep Interns have access to a real experience of working with international education;

  • Prep Parties: A themed party is held every month (on Zoom), which we call the 'Prep Party', where Prep Interns have the right to attend and have fun;

  • Netflix Parties: In addition to our 'Prep Parties', we will also have 'Netflix Parties', where we watch a Netflix movie in English, along with the entire Prep Change community;

  • Conversation Calls: Also, within the Prep Change, Conversation Calls are made, which are online calls where we talk about the most varied topics;

  • Individual Mentorships: The Prep Interns have the right to monthly have an individual mentorship. tahat take for a maximum of one hour, with the founders of Prep Change (João and/or Louise), where they can work on the participant's personal goals and plans;

  • Certificate: All Prep Interns receive a certificate for their work at the end of the program;

  • Recommendation Letter: After the program, all Prep Interns are entitled to Prep Change letters of recommendation for any program and/or institution in Brazil and abroad;

  • Growth at Prep Change: The most prominent Prep Interns can receive an invitation to join the main Prep Change team.

What are the available positions?

For the 2021 cycle, we have 15 places available for Prep Interns lasting 5 months, divided into the following positions:

  • Social Media (Tik Tok, Instagram e YouTube):

  • Create, develop and post on Prep Change’s social media, around three publications per week;

  • Update the Prep Change’s website whenever requested;

  • Make at least two lives during the entire duration of the program;

  • Answer all questions related to Prep Change on social media;

  • Spend 5-10 hours a week to this position.

  • Blog and/or Newsletter Manager:

  • Write and publish at least two weekly posts on Prep Change’s blog;

  • Write and share, every two weeks, a newsletter with at least 8 opportunities;

  • Spend 5-10 hours a week to this position.

What is the profile of a Prep Intern?

For this program, we look for people passionate about education, curious, open-minded and fun-loving, as well as skilled with soft skills, collaborations, feedback and technologies used to design the marketing material. Being able to balance several projects and work independently, being detail-oriented and organized with initiative and a strong sense of ownership are also important aspects in the candidate, as well as proficiency in Portuguese and/or English.

How to apply?

To become a Prep Intern in the positions mentioned above, it is necessary to complete this form by Sunday, February 28th. After that, if the Prep Change team likes the application, the candidate will be invited to do a quick 30 minute interview with one of the founders of Prep Change. The interview can take place in both English and Portuguese.

Why be a Prep Intern?

Being a Prep Intern is much more than participating in an “internship program”. To be a Prep Intern is to participate in an active community of young Latin Americans, which is committed to transforming Latin America into a place with more opportunities for access to international, transformative and quality education. In addition, a Prep Intern plays a fundamental role in the organization and communication of this community, making a bridge between it and the external community, with the aim of increasing its size, as well as making it more visible to the public. That is why this program is so important and, therefore, we encourage you to become a Prep Intern. We await your application!

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